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August 27, 2020

Facing the challenges together

Dear all

We are now over three weeks into stage 4 restrictions across Melbourne. Although it can be challenging, intrusive, demanding and worrying, there are some positive signs that the state-wide response is having an impact.

Staying home, staying safe

You are all doing an incredible job in respecting and championing the current Government restrictions within the village. Thank you again for putting our community and each other’s health, safety and wellbeing first. It’s up to each of us to ‘do the right thing’ and it’s fantastic to see the Balmoral community responding as we knew they would: with strength, thought for others, commitment and a mindset of making the best out of a difficult situation. As a community and village, we should be proud.

Let’s all keep up the enormous efforts and focus as we work through this challenge.


We are missing seeing everyone at the village in the current environment. And writing letters to you (like this) can only go so far. So we’ve taken some time out to record a personal message to residents on BalmoralTV. Hear from me this week and our “esteemed Chairman” next week. Please take a moment to tune in when free!

We are also happy to let you know that some ‘resident reflection’ videos will also be airing shortly. We thank those residents who participated.

Another small gesture

Back by popular demand — it’s time for another Balmoral ‘care pack’. Delivered today, you’ll find a Balmoral mask, some chocolates to sample and a bottle of wine to savour. If we can’t have the Director’s Party in person this month, please enjoy a drink on us at home! For those that would prefer something soft, please let the team know and the wine can be swapped over for a lemon/lime/bitters.

As always, your health, wellbeing and happiness are our upmost concern.

We’re in this together

Balmoral has met the current challenges with a great sense of resolve and community spirit. The dedication of our incredible staff team, to you, is a big contributor to this. So please continue to support (and offer thanks in person from a social distance to!) Helen and the team.

On behalf of the board, we continue to thank you all.

Warmest regards

Robin Forster, Managing Director
Jonathan Forster, Chairman
Facing the challenges together
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