Advantages of the Balmoral Lifestyle

An Independent Lifestyle

Imagine coming home through a tree-lined, private road entrance. Your newly renovated home is in a 20 acre garden estate. Your magnificent club house with a pool and competition bowling green awaits. A team of gardeners take care of the lawns. If the stove breaks it gets fixed for free and there is always someone around to share a smile with.

Don’t imagine it…

This is the lifestyle you could enjoy.

An Independent Lifestyle
Security & Comfort

Security & Comfort

Balmoral is surrounded by well-established quality housing whilst its single entry off Mockridge Street creates a secluded and private oasis.

CCTV cameras monitor the comings and goings from the village's main entrance and the Balmoral Club providing residents with peace of mind.

Safety lighting, illuminated paths, and wide brick paved driveways ensure  easy access for both residents and their guests.

All maintenance included

The gardens are lovingly kept by our team of dedicated groundsmen. For you, gardening is an option. The units are maintained by us, inside and out. If there is storm damage or your stove fails or a light bulb goes out or the road needs resurfacing - we fix it! You don’t have to worry.

All maintenance included
A culture of care

A culture of care

Staff and residents work together to ensure a strong culture of care. Balmoral is a community within a community — a place where the traditional values of village life are of paramount importance.

It’s like a holiday resort, an active adult community that caters for couples and singles in the third age. Whether you are working, semi-retired, retired or stepping up for your encore career, Balmoral is designed for you to have the time of your life.

Our thoughtfully minded residents often donate their time and efforts for the benefit of the local communities, establishing a strong sense of belonging and care.

A rich family of friends

The first-class facilities are for the exclusive use of residents, their friends and relatives. Whether you are dining with friends, playing bowls, socialising or just relaxing and taking in village life around you — Balmoral has something for everyone.

With such a strong sense of community, a spacious garden setting and complimentary services to match its hardly surprising people at Balmoral seem like they don’t have a care in the world. The friendliness of the village is obvious from the moment of your first visit.

A rich family of friends

Dedicated and friendly staff

By pooling their resources through a weekly maintenance fee, the residents at Balmoral pass most daily housekeeping to the management team and maximise their enjoyment of the services and facilities.

Dedicated and friendly staffLawn BowlsFriendly staff
The village staff are on hand to assist residents when required. For example home help, meals or nursing care can be arranged on your behalf. Staff may assist in sourcing free or subsidised services through the City of Knox and other agencies for those residents who qualify. Residents may request their mail to be redirected to the office whilst away on holiday and with the peace of mind knowing their unit is being looked after. Our Village Manager and our staff are at your service to make life at Balmoral an easy going and enjoyable experience.

Activities galore

Balmoral is a thriving and caring community of people committed to maintaining their independence. The residents generate their own social, sporting and community activities. Well supported committees and individuals are continually developing new ideas whether it is a jazz night or organising support for a local charity. The social life of the village is a moving picture that caters for a diverse and active population.

Balmoral has an Activities Coordinator within the staff team who is in charge of FUN, and is available with boundless energy to assist residents in pursuing their particular interests as well as organising regular group day trips.

Activities galore

Activities include:

  • BBQ Evenings
  • Bingo
  • Book Club
  • Card Nights
  • Christian Fellowship
  • Colouring Group
  • Crazy Whist
  • Croquet
  • Discussion Groups
  • Gardening Groups
  • Guest Speakers
  • Gentle Exercise
  • Handcraft Group
  • Happy Hours
  • Indoor Bowls
  • Outdoor Bowls
  • Singing Groups
  • Snooker / Billiards Group
  • Strength & Balance Exercise
  • Table Tennis
  • Trivia
  • Water Aerobics
  • Woodwork

Village services at a fixed cost

By pooling their resources the residents at Balmoral enjoy facilities, activities and services that are beyond the reach of most individuals. This is funded by a weekly maintenance charge.

The Maintenance Charge is payable two weeks in advance and may be adjusted each year in consultation with the Residents’ Committee and in accordance with the Retirement Villages Act.

The operating budget for the village is presented each year for discussion and approval by the Residents’ Committee and then tabled at the Annual General Meeting of Residents.

And remember it is the Village Owner who pays for all major repairs; residents at Balmoral will never be faced with unexpected body corporate levies as can happen at a strata titled village.

Eligible pensioners receive a rate rebate as allowed by Knox Council and South East Water.

Residents at Balmoral enjoy the following:

  • Full time village staff.
  • Emergency call system.
  • Free village bus service.
  • Preventative maintenance.
  • Gardening and lawn mowing.
  • Building and Public Liability Insurance.
  • Payment of council and water rates.
  • The Balmoral Club facilities.
  • The Bowling Green.
  • Street and security lighting.
  • Minor and preventative building maintenance.
  • Maintenance of appliances included in the unit.
  • Operating costs of the village facilities including the Balmoral Club, bus, motor vehicles, swimming pool, library, bowling green etc.
  • Contribution to a general reserve (and the Owner matches the residents’ contribution).
Bus serviceShuttle bus

Local services on your doorstep

The local chemist, newsagent and supermarket deliver to the village whilst village staff are on hand to assist residents when required. For example home help, meals or nursing care can be arranged on your behalf.

Staff may assist in sourcing free or subsidised services such as meals on wheels or home help through the local council and other agencies for those residents who qualify.

And on a user pays basis further services are available as follows:

  • Dining Room
  • Doctor’s surgery
  • Hairdressing
  • Podiatrist
  • Cleaning
  • Laundry
Local services on your doorstep
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