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December 10, 2020

Balmoral: what’s cooking?

Ever stuck for a recipe idea?  

Look no further. The Balmoral community is proud to present the inaugural “Balmoral Cookbook”. Family favourites, traditional meals with a twist, exotic delicacies and oh-so-yummy treats. It’s full of over 80 fantastic recipes that showcase the diversity, taste and character of our village community. From soups, salads and main courses, to desserts and cakes/biscuits/slices/savoury. There is something for everyone.

Village manager, Helen Sargent, sums it up perfectly in the cookbook “Forward” (extracted below):

“I am delighted to endorse and recommend this wonderful community cookbook. The idea for a Balmoral Cookbook and this collection of recipes was developed this year the Coronavirus lockdown, when we had to stay home to stay safe.

It was embraced by the entire Balmoral community. Not only did residents appreciate the opportunity to share their favourite recipes, but the Balmoral owners, directors, staff, service providers and even some of the Balmoral contractors were keen to have their family favourites included.

You’ll find that the recipes are an eclectic mix of tried and tested family favourites. Many generated nostalgic memories as they have been handed down from generation to generation.

Thank you to all the people who so willingly contributed their fabulous recipes making this cookbook such a great success. I very much hope you enjoy the recipes for years to come!”

Why not try one of the culinary delights? We have hand-selected a few below.

Every resident has received their own personal (complimentary) bound copy, to take pride of place in their home. If you’re interested in adding to your cookbook collection, why not contact the village to purchase a copy of the “Balmoral Cookbook” today.  

Happy cooking!

Balmoral: what’s cooking?
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