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January 1, 2021

Residents say ‘thank you’!

Balmoral is a unique place. An incredible, vibrant, thoughtful, engaged and happy resident community. And one that is supported by a dedicated and committed village staff. At Balmoral, we go above and beyond!

This was never more evident than when facing the unprecedented challenges of 2020. As a village, we united, looked after one another, helped our fellow neighbours and thrived in what was a difficult environment. Residents felt supported, at ease and grateful to be part of the Balmoral community.

And they wanted to convey their enormous thanks to the village staff.

So, on a sunny Monday morning in December, to the surprise of our staff team, they were greeted by the entire resident community, lining the roads, streets and cul-de-sacs of Balmoral, in a unified and emotional outflow of thank you. Residents waved flags, held home-made signs, cheered and clapped, as each staff member was driven in special convertible cars (arranged by residents) around the village. It was a very special, touching and poignant experience for all, with not a dry eye in the house!

As village manager, Helen Sargent, wrote to residents after the event: “What a wonderful surprise this extremely kind and thoughtful gesture was. I think it’s safe to say it’s a career highlight for all of us! Thank you!”.

Residents say ‘thank you’!
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